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Activities we offer

Our rafting centre is specialised in river sports practiced on the Dora Baltea, in Aosta Valley:

We offer experiences for everyone: for the most adventurous and for the most cautious. Over 30 km of navigable river between the most beautiful mountains of Europe. We planned different solutions perfect for every age, families, groups of friends, schools and companies.

Perfect for the adrenaline and water lovers. A true discipline to learn step after step or to experience all in one. You can live pure energy with your friends or even in solitary.

The quintessential river discipline, the most difficult to practice. A path structured in numerous lessons that will allow you to discover the secrets and to start riding the waves and swift of our river Dora Baltea.

Modern alpine techniques, slides and jumps shaped into the rocks by millennial streams. Everything added together. The result? You’ll live a day dipped in stunning nature. You’ll jump into natural pools, climb down the river rocks and live the best experience of your life!


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Have Fun!


For every activity we supply all the technical material needed

For the rafting trip, the hydrospeed trip and kayak lessons you have to bring:

  • Swim suit
  • Shower kit
  • T-shirt and socks to get wet: we wash and sanitise everything, but to increase
    the hygienic level we ask to bring your clothes to wear under the wetsuit

Care for the details

Rafting Republic: raffting in Aosta Valley and not only


Every activity we propose is carefully planned and studied to ensure the best safety standards on the field. Moreover, the right organisation allows us to bring to the minimum level possible risks or delays.

The guides

All our guides are certified and subjected to periodical updates. They undergo a long formation period of years and they have to overcome selective courses and exams. Just after all this process they are authorised to lead newbies on the raft. In particular, on the swift of the Dora Baltea.


Individual equipment

All the technical material that we provide is certified and in line with what is required – helmets and safety-jackets. The wetsuits MARES and the then boots are in neoprene 5mm, more than adequate to protect the body from the Dora Baltea’s cold water. They, indeed, are the wetsuits that we use for hydrospeed.


The rafts, kayaks, and hydrospeeds are subjected to periodical checks and reparations. If the boat is too damaged it is readily switched with a new one.


All the material in contact with the body is sanitised with specific hypoallergenic products, to grant comfort and cleanliness.

To know a bit more

  • During every trip there will be a service of photos and video
  • If you want to know a bit more about the river world in Aosta Valley we suggest you to have a look to our insight.

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