How can you go down a mountain river?

Here are the main river boats

the raft

An inflatable boat that can carry 4 to 10 people

The hydrospeed

An aquatic bob on which you lie down and move with your fins on your feet

The high course canoe or kayak

The boat par excellence: technically the most difficult but also the most exciting

Did you know that?

Only from the seventies of the last century river sports began to spread on a large scale and to make themselves known to the general public.

The evolution of materials

Neoprene to protect you from the cold, high-density plastic for the shells of hydrospeeds and kayaks. Hypalon and PVC for the production of rafting boats. Without these materials we could not guarantee even a fraction of the safety that we can do now!

More and more fans

The growing number of river sports lovers has contributed to the development of the shapes and general quality of the boats


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