Exciting, safe and scenic!

For who wants to try the thrill of rafting, but without exaggerating. For who wants to try the thrill of rafting, but without exaggerating. The classic section is scenic as it develops in the bottom part of the Dora, between incredible natural landscapes and medieval castles. Perfect for who is trying rafting for the first time…but on a real mountain stream! Put into account some swifts!


Action and fun

The panoramic CLASSIC rafting represent the ideal approach to the Aosta Valley rafting activity. The Dora Baltea tract between Gole of Enfer in the Leverogne tract, town of Arvier, until our base in Aymavilles is the right balance for a Classic Rafting experience: exciting and safe. Even for who watch the river just from a bridge!

Nature and monuments

You’ll navigate surrounded by hidden landscapes inside the canyon called Gole of Enfer through natural sceneries in a environment full of positive energy and of full symbiosis with the nature of the Aosta Valley. The typical medieval castles of Aosta Valley will follow you along the pathway…up to you to see them by the most unique point of you!


45,00 €


Pathway length

9,3 km

Total duration

2,30 h.

Time on the river

1 h circa

Hour of the day:

every day – To arrange with us.

Who can participate:

Anyone over 16 years of age and in good health. From August, even those who are 14 years old can participate

What to bring

  • Swimming suit;
  • Thermal stitch to wear under the swimsuit
  • Cotton or thermal socks to get wet
  • Glasses-tie
  • Shower kit


Children under the minimum age cannot participate in the Classicrun for reasons of river classification (accessibility of the stretches, technical difficulties of conducting). The Familydescent in any case presents dynamic and fun waves and rapids like the longer descents (see also Advanceddescent). For more info contact us here

ATTENTION! We ask you to be punctual, so as not to compromise the daily schedule. Delays of more than 15 minutes could cause you to miss the river ride.

Extra Facts: Rafting Classic

Did you know that: navigating the panoramic classic rafting you can admire the monuments from an ancient era: from the dry stone walls built to create cultivable areas on the steep mountain sides, to the castles that dominated centuries of our history.

In particular you can appreciate the towers of Sarriod de la Tour castle, the remains of Chatel Argent and the majesty of the Chateau of Aymavilles.


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