Aosta Valley

Rich of history and nature, the Aosta Valley is the smallest Italian region, with a whole mountain territory

Geographic information

Boarders and mountains

Our 4000

Located in the North-West of Italy it confines with Switzerland and France. It is surrounded by the higher four mountains of Italy: Monte Bianco (4810.02 mt) higher mountain in Europe, Cervino (4478 mt), Monte Rosa (4637 mt), Gran Paradiso (4061 mt). Glaciers


The whole territory is been shaped by glaciers that craved the central and side valleys. The remained glaciers, even if very extended, are situated just in the higher mountain tops.

National Park

Safeguard of nature

Gran Paradiso National Park, the most ancient of Italy, founded in 1922, is born to safeguard is characterising animal: the ibex. . It covers around 71 000 ha of mountain territory and it preserves the flora, fauna and particular geological formations, in other words to preserve the beauty of the ecosystem.

Natural beauties

On its territory there are countless natural beauties to discover: waterfalls, lakes, hills and mountains. Woods inhabited by stags, deer and in altitude ibexes, suedes, groundhogs, eagles and bearded vultures.

What to do in Aosta Valley


Nature and mountain: a region to live, for sport and relax. You can enjoy a simple walk into the woods or an alpine trip on the mountains.

Summer sports

Ground and air

There are excellent routes for downhill (Pila welcome the world cup), an unbelievable number of climbing walls and many vie ferrate. You can fly with the paragliding or the balloon. Mountaineering is the best-known activity. Moreover, there is the Tor des Geants, a very famous competition of endurance.


You can practice kayak, hydrospeed, and rafting on the Dora Baltea and canyoning on the Fer and Chalamy.


Parties and nature

Summer is time for events. The most famous is without any doubts Celtica, the higher international festival of Celtic music and art in Europe. It takes place at the foothills of Monte Bianco.


The Aosta Valley is covered in white and it is perfect for every winter sport as well as the ideal background for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Winter sports


Skiing and snowboard are the best: from Cerviniato Courmayeur the varies skiing stations welcome thousands of people every day. For the most passionate to not forget eliski.


Many experience climbing of iced waterfalls.


Traditional fair

On January, at Aosta, is held the Sant’Orso fair known also as the “Millenary” thanks to its thousand and more editions. It is a fair of local craftmanship that gets bustling at night during the “veillà”, a night of traditional music and costumes but not only!

Historical monuments

A passing zone

As border territory, the region is been home of many populations: Salassi, Romans, Franks and at the end the Savoia that included the Aosta Valley in the Reign of Sardegna. They all left a sign through monuments and castles.


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