When to practice rafting

Rafting in Aosta Valley is practiced on the Dora Baltea from late April until late September.

Water levels

The Dora Baltea is a snow-glacial river so it has a much bigger reservoir. It is one of the river with the richest lean. By the way, it all depends on the freezing level, or the altitude at which snow and ice start to melt. The period in which the water level is normally higher is between the last two weeks of June and the first two of July.

Navigable tracts

The Dora Baltea is one of the best river for navigation. It is navigable for over 40 km.

Percorrendo la Dora da monte a valle, ecco di seguito i tratti navigabili.

Between Pré-Saint-Didier and La Salle

Wavy tract characterized at the top by a very challenging and rapid part. The dammed river sides help the rapid outflow and the high velocity of the current. Particularly loved by the one who love to the high speed. It is the main tract of the Advanced run. The first km is navigable just with a low water level.

Around 8 km

Between La Salle and the bridge of Equilivaz

Slightly more sinuous river, technically demanding in the first part with passages between rocks and white water, in the second part it calms down.

Around 5.3 km

Between Aviseand Leverogne

Technically very demanding, the view is breathtaking: you navigate between vertical walls and an unspoiled nature.

Around 2.3 km

Between Arvierand Aymavilles

The best known and longest section of the Dora Baltea, technically accessible to the general public, allows in the first half to enjoy the natural environments of the Leverogne gorges. In the second part the landscape opens and you can enjoy, during the run, the view of the castles in the area. Section that is identified with the Classic run, is navigated as the second tract in the Advanced. In the second half, the Family run are navigated with schools, children and families.

Around 9.3 km

Between Nus and Chatillon

Very simple tract perfect for kids, the only remarkable swift is called “le americane”.

Around 10.9 km

Between Chatillon and Monjovet

Called the “Monjovetta” is one of the most panoramic tracts to navigate. Pathway completely surrounded by gorges, it is of middle technical difficulty.

Around 5.7 km


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