In the heart of the Valley, at the foot of Paradise

Aymavilles is the town that hosts our rafting centre. Municipality in the centre of the Valley, it is a strategic starting point to explore of the Aosta Valley. Directly accessible from the highway, it is located at the entrance to the Cogne valley and the Gran Paradiso National Park and is 24 km from Courmayeur.

Monuments and interesting places

Besides our Rafting Centre, Aymavilles offers:

Aymavilles castle

Symbol of the town, the first evidence of its existence dates back to the XIII century. Its unique form is outlined between 1713 and 1728 by Joseph Félix de Challant. It has been recently restored.

The position

The castle stands on a morainic hill overlooking the Dora Baltea. It thus effectively controlled the Via delle Gallie, which connected Mediolanum to Lugdunum, as well as the entrance to the Val di Cogne, exploited for marble extraction.

Pont d’Ael

Majestic Roman aqueduct-bridge, it was designed for dual use: a water channel on the upper level, a walkway for carts and people, 1 meter wide, on the lower level.


Near the same-named village, located on the right of the road that leads from Aymavilles to Cogne.


Delightful hamlet of Aymavilles which offers a wonderful view of Mont Blanc. During the summer it bustles of events, especially the “favò festival” where you can taste the typical bean soup.

A “launch pad”

Many mountain trails pass from Ozein, of easy difficulty, which allow the hiker to take long walks and enjoy magnificent views.


Les Crêtes

Constantino Charrère’s “Les Crêtes” are synonymous with quality. A pioneer of good Aosta Valley wine, Constantino contributed to the revival of winemaking in the Aosta Valley. To absolutely taste “La sabla”, a red wine and “les abeilles”, a wine made from overripe grapes.

Cave des onze communes

Fresh from European awards, the cave des onze communes offers a wide range of wines, to be tasted accompanied by a good platter of regional cold cuts and cheeses.


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