A safe, fun and educational activity

Rafting for the Italian state means doing an extreme sport. In reality, if practiced in centres like ours, it is quite another thing. Children and families will live a unique experience in safety.

Safety first of all

Through the preparation of the guides, the careful analysis of the river environment and the care and selection of the technical material, the Rafting Republic team is able to guarantee the highest safety standards: this is how they do it.

Suitable stretches of river

We have selected river stretches that, due to their characteristics, are well suited for descents with children. In fact, the degree of technical difficulty for the guides in these sections is basic, very simple. There will be waves, but the level of safety guaranteed is such that over the years thousands of children, schools, oratories and families have paddled aboard our rubber boats without any worries.

The equipment

The technical equipment provided is of high quality, well maintained and, if too worn, promptly replaced. The neoprene of the wetsuit, 5 mm thick and our boots, which are also made of neoprene, guarantee thermal insulation. A life jacket with the right buoyancy and a suitable helmet complete the equipment needed for the river. All the equipment complies with thesafety C.E. laws in force.

The guides

The heart of our center, the guides are all patented by F.I.Raft. There are constant updates and regular training on river management and safety procedures to be activated in case of emergency. This guarantees the high level of preparation of our staff and allows us to make rafting with children and families a reality.

The preparation

The explanations are an essential part of the activity and ensure adequate training for the participant in the activity. Arrived at our center, you are greeted by our guides who will take care of explaining step by step the instructions to follow once in the river. For the descent with children, there is a practical test in the pond of our center to familiarize children with the paddling technique and safety instructions.


However, we require a minimum of height and water level. Under 110 cm or 6 years we do not take children to the river. More than a question of safety, we know that these little ones can be more impressionable and not enjoy the descent. Furthermore, if the child is afraid of water because he cannot swim, we tend to advise against its activity in the river.

To conclude

In short, rafting with children and families is absolutely not crazy, quite the contrary! These days, the contact with nature that young people have is increasingly rare and limited. The risk is to lose ties with our origins, with an intimate and profound part of ourselves. Only a direct and articulated contact with the world around us allows us to awaken that part, to be able to know ourselves better.


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