What is hydrospeed?

The origins

1970: three bridge and viaduct technicians (Claude Puch, Pierre Simon and Maurice Tiveron), observing the strength of the current of a stream, had the crazy idea of ​​navigating it on an inflatable donut: it is the first hydrospeed descent in history. They will call those three reckless “swimmers of the impossible”.

The fame

Mike Horn, a South African explorer, joined the Sector No Limits team in the early 1990s. Shortly afterwards, he made some feats with the hydrospeed at the limit of human possibilities: with the river bob he made the first (and only) descent of Mont Blanc, up to the French border. He then beats the record for jumping a waterfall, again in hydro, in the Pacuare River in Costa Rica (22 m). Finally, he ventured into the solo crossing of South America, from the Pacific to the Amazon River, using the canoe and the hydrospeed


Since then, technical knowledge and materials have evolved, making Hydrospeed a complete sporting discipline accessible to the general public. The Hydrospeed has thus become an unsinkable water bob, on which you lie on your stomach and which protects and supports the body during the river run.

The conduction

The Hydrospeed moves easily with the arms and torso, while the fins allow you to move effectively in the river. Despite being an individual sport, it is good practice to carry out the runs in a group, for obvious safety reasons. The body, half immersed in water, with practice becomes a sensor capable of perceiving the subtle variations of current with which it comes into contact, allowing the vessel to control its descent effectively and precisely.

The sensations

No river discipline allows such an intimate and complete contact with the water element as with the hydrospeed. Each wave, each current and each area of ​​white water crossed are experienced through the whole body, until they become one with the river.


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