Who are the rafting guides

The river runs, in a rafting center like ours, are guaranteed by the rafting guides or by the hydrospeed guides, who are always present in the river with the clients.

The guides, whether they are rafting or hydrospeed, are also called river technicians and have followed a very specific and demanding training course that lasts for years. In fact, you cannot become a guide without being moved by a deep passion for the river and for adventure.

For this reason, a guide often practices more than one river discipline, and as soon as he can he loads his boat and, together with friends, goes on an adventure looking for the ideal swift.

Our guides are recognized by Federrafting, the highest Italian authority in the field


Who is the river instructor

The instructors are highly experienced guides who have passed a selection and a course and are thus enabled to teach the art and to examine future guides.

The masters of the Rafting Republic centre

Two hydrospeed masters work in our centre, Davide and Jean-Pierre and a rafting master, Elia.

How to become a guide

To become a guide you need to accumulate hours and hours of navigation. The best way to do this is to rely on a rafting centre like ours, where you go down into the river every day during the season.

Do ut des

We propose a fair exchange for which the trainee learns the art from us and he helps us in the daily work.

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Rely on professionals

Professionalism is a key element of the whole complex system which is safety. Relying on certified professionals is the first step to having an experience that is pleasant and not a mishap!


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