Safety first of all

The professionists that will guide you

The river’s activities of hydrospeed, kayak and rafting in Aosta Valley are managed by A.S.D. Anatredifiume, certified and updated by F.I.Raft

Outdoor activities like rafting can be practiced by anyone only if the guide is able to give an appropriate level of safety. After that all the other elements to maintain this main goal.

Excellent training


Italian Rafting Federation

Approved by C.O.N.I (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano) is the only certified organisation that release certification for rafting guides and instructors.


Certified guides


All our guides are certified F.I.Raft. At least two guides have to be on the river at the same time on the raft or on different boats to grant the safety of the clients.

To know a bit more read: how to become a rafting guide



Before every river trip we explain to every participant the behaviour to maintain on the river, the safety rules and the management of some hitch. The briefing is mandatory even for who is already experienced. Languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish




We select very accurately our technical material which we use depending on the activity and on the river Dora Baltea condition. Wetsuit of 5 mm and neoprene waterproof shoes to keep everyone warm! And of course the crucial lifejacket and helmet provided by Rafting Republic!

Certified equipement

We use homologated equipement to ensure full safety on the river. We do a regular maintenance. If it is too worn, we will replace it promptly. The guides are equipped of launching rope and everything necessary to face every obstacle.

First choice material

The collaboration with Mares gives us the opportunity to use whole wetsuit of 5.4 mm Mares Rover and neoprene boots 3 and 5 mm for our river rafting trips.

Anyway, everywhere you go and whatever activity you decide to try Always verify which are the minimal conditions to respect so that you experience will not turn in a nightmare!


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