Quality and fun


Rafting trips in Aosta Valley


Studied for kids and families

The run

You’ll navigate a dynamic tract with exciting waves and swifts


The activity is run with maximum safety

Playing time

In addition to the run, a moment of play in our lake and a swimming test (easy) on the river


25 €


You’ll navigate a gorgeous river tract

The run

Wavy swifts and the possibility to admire the landscape

The difficulty

The difficulty of the rapids is well calibrated for your first experience.

The landscape

You’ll paddle surrounded by the nature. From the Canyons to open spaces ruled by medieval castles.


45 €


You’ll experience two river tracts completely different from each other!

First section

The first tract of continuous waves and swifts.

One of the more dynamic sections of the river.

The van

Short displacement and a snack.

Second section

We restart on the tract where the swifts and waves altern to flatter tracts where to enjoy the landscape.


65 €


Group discounts

From 7 to 20 people -10%
Over 20 people -15%
Over 40 people -20%

Offers and discounts

Discover our offers for families and sporty people and the packages for a weekend of fun!

Organised groups

Ideas for schools, companies, bachelor/bachelorette party!

Rafting Premium

Book the boat all for you!


Shortly the phases of your experience

The preparation


You’ll participate to a briefing and to a dry practice before the boarding. In these two moments you’ll be taught and you’ll try everything there is to know during the experience.

Get dressed

First choice equipment

We’ll provide you with all the technical material needed. Wetsuit and boots MARES neoprene 5 mm, helmet, safety-jacket and paddle.

The transport

On our way

You’ll jump on our vans: direction adventure!

The run

Rafting trips

As crew you’ll actively participate to the experience. You have to follow the orders of the guide. Paddling you’ll help to direct the raft. You’ll actively live the trip: between waves and swifts, you’ll be the main character on the river!

Read more about the story of rafting

What is about?

What does participating to a rafting trip mean?

The experience

To navigate a raft on the river, or in other words to do rafting in Aosta Valley means to try the feeling of running down waves, slides and swifts formed by the water. The river Dora Baltea slides between the stunning landscapes of our mountains.

Group cohesion

No matter if you are friends, colleagues or class mates. The rafting experience means team work and sharing best time of your life with your raft crew!

The emotions on the play

This activity involve body and spirit: adrenaline, fun, collaboration and action are ingredients for a perfect run to live together in complete safety.

Frequent questions

Here some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • In the Advanced run we do not cover the same river tract.
  • There is always at least one guide on the raft (read the safety section).
  • The kids can do the river activities (read the section rafting with kids)
  • The selection of river pathways or the cancellation of the activity for safety reasons depend on the guide responsible of the safety. The participants will be advised as soon as possible

For these reasons we suggest the experience to:


For your rafting activity we provide neoprene wetsuit and boots, helmet, life jacket: all our material is cleaned and sanitised after every use.


You just have to wear a T-shirt (or thermal stitch) and socks that can get wet in the river. We suggest to bring a change of clothes and a shower kit.


The Dora Baltea is never the same. Heavy rain or a very hot day that melts the snow on the top of the mountains modify the river assets. The new pathways are to discover every year!


Our team and our guides put safety before everything! 100% safety for our rafting trips in Aosta Valley.

We want that your experience with us is as safe as possible and all our river technicians are certified FIRAFT.


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