Canyoning pathways in Aosta Valley

Discovering the wildest nature!

Mountain and water

Canyoning is a modern sport that combines alpine techniques to water activities. You’ll be equipped with a neoprene wetsuit, a sling and an helmet.

You’ll discover how fascinating and exciting it is to go through the water courses using an alpine equipment

The nature craved out by the rock

Thanks to canyoning you’ll discover a suggestive nature made of rock and water. Natural slides, waterfalls, jumps in the rock, deep canyons surrounded by the Aosta Valley vegetation.


Swimsuit, shoes with grip to get wet


The activity is conducted by alpine guides of the Canyoning Centre, responsible of the development of the activity on the pathways selected according to the weather and stream conditions.


The excellence Aosta Valley canyon, perfect to get to know the activity as it includes a mix of everything. Rappels, jumps and slides but most of all beautiful natural pools in which jump into the clear water. The complete activity last about three hours and a half of two hours of which spent directly into the water.

PRICE: 65,00 €


Long and adventurous canyon where to refine the rappel technique and where to enjoy the clear water in a series of huge natural pools. The activity last four hours and a half of which three spent into the water.

PRICE: 80,00 €



To do Canyoning in Aosta Valley you have to go with specialised canyoning mountain guides. This rule is given by the regional administration and we are the only Italian region with this restriction.

The Fercurrent makes a series natural pools of green emerald, clear water that creates a paradisiac environment. The landscape will enchant you with unforgettable views of an untouched nature.

In Aosta Valley the period in which you can practice canyoning is very short (June-September) and it depends on the melting of snows and on the summer rain fall.

The streams on which is possible to practice canyoning are few and wonderful. They are the product of millennials of erosion.


Our team and our guides put safety first and right after fun!!

We want that your experience with Rafting Republic is as safe as possible and all our river technicians are certified FIRAFT.


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