To learn in a rafting centre

Rafting school

First of all you have to love coursing water and to be sportive. The only way to get the necessary experience at facing courses and tests is to attend a rafting centre as ours.

Equal exchange

Here at Rafting Republic we propose a equal exchange. We teach driving techniques and river rescue; in exchange we ask to take part to the everyday job of our centre, helping with what a trainee can do.

Once we think the trainee is ready, he can face the courses and exams necessary to the certification.

How to get the certification:


If the rafting school is the reference point, the main institution in Italy is Federazione Italian Rafting (F.I.Raft or Federrafting) which through


F.I.C.K. (Federazione Italiana Canoa e Kayak)


is recognised by CONI. The F.I.Raft built a training path:

Safety module

Two days of intensive course in which to learn the techniques of basic river rescue, use of the rope and of the safety equipment of which the guide is provided.

Course guide II level

Three days learning the basic techniques of raft conduction. The participant, passed the course, can run down the river with swifts of 2° degree.

Course guide III level

Here it gets harder. A very busy week in which the participants will train on the areas that differentiate a guide from the other levels: all the techniques of raft conduction, swimming in the river, throwing and using the rope, nots, pulleys to build complex pulling systems. The participant, passed the course, can run down the river with swifts of 3° level.

Exam for guides of IV/A level

The final step. Two days extremely demanding. No courses, no explanation: the participant is challenged by a series of practical trials valued in points with which he can show his value. Overcame the exam, the participant can run down the river with swifts of 4à level, which is the highest level navigable with newbies.


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