Waiver of responsibility

In relation to the river descent that I decided to carry out at GRAPE SC – RAFTING REPUBLIC.
I, the undersigned
If the participant is unnder 18 years of age:
The minor child
(complete in case the address is different from the one stated before)
residing in – ()
1. to have been previously informed by the organizers of the specificities and risks connected with the activities
and to express the intention to participate in it by my own decisionand at my own risk, acknowledging thay I have
received all technical and behavioral instructions to be followed in any emergency situations,
including the possibility of swimming in the river even for training purposes only;
2. that I am not aware of any pathology that could constitute a controindication for the activity for which I am requiring the
3. to undertake to pay utmost attention to the briefing that will take place before the start of the river activity and that, at the discretion of the tchnician,
I may be deemed unsultable for embarkation if I am deemed not to have
included the technical-behavioral instructions provided and / or that I would not be able to put them into practice;
4. to acknowledge having been equipped with the specific safety equipment provided by the I.C.F. (International
Canoe Federation) and the rules of self-regulation of F.I. Raft (Italian Rafting Federation) exhibited at
the nautical base;
5. to have been fully informed of the contents of this declaration, of which I
carefully read, signing the same on my own free initiative;
6. to exempt GRAPE SC from all liability and compensation, except in the case of willfull or gross misconduct and proven fault
, against it for physical and material damage occured before, during and after the descent, even if due to
third parties strangers or other participants;
7. to hace received, read and understood the information relating to the use of personal data pursuant to Article 13 GDPR;
For the purposes of carrying out river, tourist and recreational activities; as well as for the fulfilment of tax and accounting obligation
I note that for the processing of personal data necessary for the execution of a contract or of pre-contractual measures and to
fulfill legal obligations consent is not required.
For the purposes of advertising and promotion I note that the processing of personal data is possible because I conset
to it. Therefore:
◻ I give my consent ◻ I DO NOT consent
Reguarding to processing of images, I note that is possible because I consent to it:
◻ I give my consent ◻ I DO NOT consent
I suscribe to what wa stated in the previous point, from 1 to 7, pursuant to art. 1341 and s.s. of the C.C.
Date, 4 June 2021 Signature ………………………………………………….
I suscribe pursuant art. 1341, 1342 and ss. of CC expressly the following articles: 1-2-4-5 and 6
Signature ………………………………………………….


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