Rafting in Aosta Valley: Can you do it with kids and families?(read more)

Rafting trip: a joyful play!

Made for adults and kids, the family run includes about half an hour on the easiest tract of the river, where you can experience a good amount of waves. The perfect activity for the whole family!


Rafting Family: 4,3 km of navigation into the Dora Baltea waters to share together an exciting experience on the riverwith the family.

How it works?

During the trip the adults will paddle while the kids will be sitting on the front of the raft, the pathway is completely safe and it is extremely engaging for every family member.



29,00 €


Pathway length

4,3 km

Total duration

2: 30 h.

Time on the river

40 min. approximately

Hour of the day:

every day. To arrange with us.

Who can participate:

anybody is in good health and who is taller than 1.20 m

What to bring

  • Swimming suit;
  • Thermal stitch to wear under the swimsuit
  • Cotton or thermal socks to get wet
  • Glasses-tie
  • Shower kit


The minimum age for the Classic run is 16 years for the period June-July. In August, as water levels drop, the minimum age drops to 14 years. For more info contact us here

ATTENTION! We ask you to be punctual, so as not to compromise the daily schedule. Delays of more than 15 minutes could cause you to miss the river ride.

Extra Facts:


School on the river

Every year hundreds of kids from different schools comes to us to build a more close-knit class group thanks to the river activities.

On April, May and September more than 900 students, from Aosta Valley and not, are gathered in our centre for a playful day to learn and enjoy each other company.

Family run

The period we work more with kids and families is without any doubt August: indeed many families, taking advantage of summer holidays, threat themselves with a day of fun all together on the river!


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