Prevention protocol: the taken measures

Rafting Republic is ready for the summer 2021

Rafting and covid-19: we have taken measures to secure our green areaand river activitiesto the face the covid 19 emergency.

The date we have set for the reopeningis the 29th of may (unless new closures, lockdowns, and simultaneously with the opening of regional borders). The work to adapt the safety standards to the river activities ofRAFTINGand HYDROSPEED is complete: briefly, health is not a joke and we are well aware of it.

In the current state of things we are able to publish the first guidelines that we set out below and which will be promptly updated as soon as all the protocols are well defined.

We have to limit the number of participant for the rafting trips.

This page will be uploadedas soon as the restrictions change.

What to bring: personal protection and not

To access to the centre e to the activities:

personal protection and not :
  • A mask with CE mark o validated by the Health Department pursuant to article 15 regulation n. 18/2020.
  • Swimming cap (silicon or fabric)
  • Socks and cotton t-shirt that can get wet
  • Swimming suit and shower kit
  • Glasses tie if necessary

What we suggest:

  • A pair of latex gloves. – the use of non-disposable gloves is consented if sanitised before the entrance
  • Hand sanitiser

Covid rules

Your collaboration is essential

Is duty of the centre owner to ensure that the prevention rules are respected. This role is made easier if everyone helps. We therefore ask you to follow the rules below:

  • Readthe signals
  • Frequently sanitiseyour hands
  • Keepthe 1 m distance
  • Wearthe protection tools where needed
  • Respectthe general covid rules according to the most recent law

General information

According to the covid-rules we remind you:

  1. To stay at home if you have a fever (over 37.5°C) or others
    flu symptoms and to call your doctor;
  2. It is prohibited to access if , in the last 14 days, who has been in contact with someone
    positive to covid-19 or comes from a high risk zone according to
    OMS or other authorities;
  3. To not come or stay into the centre if,
    after the entrance,
    you show the above symptoms;
  4. To respect all the dispositions, to keep the intra-personal distance of
    1 m, to sanitise your hands and to maintain a proper behaviour;
  5. To frequently wash your hands;
  6. To cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough;
  7. To throw into the been used tissues;
  8. To not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands;
  9. To pay attention to the hygiene of surfaces;
  10. To keep an intra-personal distance of at least 1m;
  11. To avoid close physical contacts or handshakes.

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