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How does rafting work?

Each activity is well organized and we will follow you step by step in their various phases. Below is the description of what you will do with us!


At the reception you will find the secretary with whom you will complete the final formalities: checking the registration forms and paying the fee.

A trip to the Bar

If you arrive well in advance our center is available: you can have a drink at the bar (non-alcoholic) or relax in the green area!

The briefing

Once all the participants of the tour have finished with the paperwork, you will be called and you will attend a theoretical explanation on the behavior to be observed in the river, the safety rules and the handling of unexpected events. The briefing is also mandatory for those who are not in their first experience and is also carried out in ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH.

For the hydrospeed activity

In addition to the theoretical part, once dressed you will dive into our pond to learn how to correctly direct the hydrospeed and to use the fins in the best possible way.

Get dressed

The technical material we provide is carefully selected based on the characteristics of the activity and, above all, those of the Dora Baltea river. 5 mm wetsuit and neoprene shoes to counter the water temperature, life jacket and helmet are provided by Rafting Republic. This is approved material aimed at ensuring the full safety of river activity.

Changing rooms

We have changing rooms divided by gender where you can wear wetsuits and boots.

Then we complete the outfit with helmet, life jacket and paddle. For the hydrospeed instead of the paddle you will be entitled to bobsleigh and fins!

The transport

With our assault vehicles we will transport you to the boarding point, where you will help us unload the material and transport the boat on the river. (you wanted the bicycle ..)

Dry rehearsal

Before the actual boarding, each guide will let his crew try out all the commands they can use on the river: sitting in your seat on the boat, you will simulate on land what you will do in the river

For the hydrospeed activity

You will be given the latest information on how to start on the river

The run!

Last thing before boarding: your guide will check the equipment you are wearing and then … off you go!

Learn by paddling

During the descent you will refine the techniques you have just learned. Learning is usually very fast !!!

The return to the center

After the descent, you will return to the center, where, after putting your helmet and paddle away, you can finally take off your wetsuit! a short rinse of the equipment and a hot shower awaits you!


The adventure is over but the enthusiasm is still sky high!

Photos and Videos

You can immediately relive your experience at the chalet dedicated to photos and videos! If you want you can buy the videos and photographs


Finally, enjoying a drink (alcoholic this time!) At the bar is the icing on the cake!

Here we explain how rafting and river activities work here, at Rafting Republic, only in the Aosta Valley!


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