Jumps, slides and Nature

Canyoning is a modern sport that combines mountaineering techniques with water activities.


Canyoning is practiced in the ravines, natural gorges carved out over time by water erosion.


Unlike rafting, hydrospeed and canoeing, no type of boats are needed. We dress in a neoprene wetsuit, helmet, life jacket and non-slip mountain boots. It is equipped with a harness specially designed for the activity, with a protection on the seat to protect against wear from rubbing. A waterproof backpack is used to carry ropes, carabiners, pulleys and the necessary to face any emergency.

How it is practiced

Normally the activity includes a walk to approach the entry point of the gorge. The use of mountaineering techniques allows participants to descend to the bed of the stream and overcome inaccessible areas. Rapid descents in natural slides dug into the rock and dives into pools even from considerable heights are the most exciting experiences and representatives of this discipline.

Where to practice it

Throughout Italy there are reference centers to contact to organize your exit in complete safety


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