The hydrospeed is a river bob with a catamaran-shaped hull, a front bulb, two lateral floats, spaces for housing the arms and pelvis and can be equipped with handles.

How hydrospeed is made

The materials

Two schools of thought, two different materials: plastic and foam.

The plastic

Heavier but more mouldable material, it allows greater freedom in shapes. The plastic hydro has aluminium handles to hold on and a stopper to empty them in case water enters. Plastic hydrospeeds are normally used in rafting centres as a tool for approaching the activity.

The foam

The hydrospeed made of foam are mainly used by the most experienced, who generally build it by hand. Foam sheets about 5 cm thick are heat-sealed together through the use of a coachbuilder hair dryer. Once the desired thickness is reached, the final shape is finally defined through the use of knives, hot wires and sandpaper. They are definitely lighter but more difficult to drive and therefore require a good basic technical level. The housing of the hands consists of a semi-circular hole passing through the hull.

Hydrospeed: a unique experience

Going down a river in hydrospeed is the most unique sensation in the world of river sports. It is the only river discipline that allows you a total contact between your body and the river.

Communicate with the river

Through the close contact between the body and the river, one can physically perceive the currents, both superficial and deeper. The runs thus becomes a dance, in which every movement contributes to becoming one with the water in which you are immersed.


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