Fast and Furious


I want it all and I want it now!

Do you want to push your limits on the most engaging rapids? The upper section of the Dora Baltea will get your heart racing and give you all the excitement Aosta Valley’s rapids have to offer. Half an hour of pure adrenaline to give a twist to your holiday.


As the name suggests, the Fast and Furious Experience is a short but challenging rafting adventure. This trip starts in the very upper part of the river, just a few km away from the spring of the Dora Baltea, where the incline is higher and the currents faster.

Designed for experienced rafters who wish to ride only the most thrilling sections of the river, but also for first-time rafters who wish to have a short but intense whitewater rafting adventure.

This adventure starts at the foot of Mont Blanc, where you’ll ride the most thrilling rapids. Once reached milder waters, you’ll simply have to jump on board and our van will take you back to the base. This trip will give you an intense taste of whitewater rafting.


50,00 €

An OVERVIEW of the Fast & Furious Experience

Duration on the river

 40 minutes

Total duration

2 hours 30 minutes


From Pré Saint Didier to La Salle. Level of difficulty: medium-high.

What to bring

  • swimwear,
  • fleece or thermal underwear to be worn under the wetsuit;
  • cotton or thermal socks that can get wet;
  • laces for prescription glasses;
  • everything you need to take a shower

Extra Fact:

DID YOU KNOW? A couple of years ago, a flood completely altered a section of the river, changing the riverbed and the course of the Dora Baltea itself.

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