Have a fun rafting experience with all your family!

Designed for adults and children, the Family Trip is a half-hour trip in the most gentle section of the river and yes, you’ll get a fair share of splashes too. The ideal activity for all the family


By far the best rafting experience for children and families. This is a 5-km trip on the Dora Baltea river where both adults and children can share all the aspects that every rafting experience requires, like the briefing, gearing up and navigation moments. Adults will paddle and children will be located in the front part of the boat. As a result, this convenient trip will be carried out in total safety and will involve every member of your family.


25,00 €

An OVERVIEW of the Family Rafting Experience

Duration on the river

40’ on the river + 10′  on the lake

Total duration

2 hours 30 minutes


A 5-km trip corresponding to the last part of the Classic Rafting Trip. Suitable for children over 6 years of age or 110 cm tall /3’7’’).

What to bring

  • swimwear,
  • fleece or thermal underwear to be worn under the wetsuit;
  • cotton or thermal socks that can get wet;
  • laces for prescription glasses;
  • everything you need to take a shower


 Adults can opt for the Classic Rafting Experience and then be joined by the children for the easiest section of the river, corresponding to the Family Rafting Trip. For more information, click here 

Extra Fact:

DID YOU KNOW? Each year, hundreds of children from different schools come to us to foster positive classroom relationships through the rafting activity.

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