The ultimate river experience

For those who wish to spend a full morning or afternoon bouncing on the river. If you choose the Elite trip, you want to do it all: fun, adrenaline and breath-taking scenery. For the bravest river and nature lovers.


The ELITE trip is by far the best rafting experience you can get! An exciting outdoor activity on the most demanding rapids of the Dora Baltea river. From Pré-Saint-Didier to Aymavilles, enjoy the thrilling rapids of the Fontina – our most intense rafting offer.

A unique experience for the real connoisseurs: take on the river starting from the upper part of Aosta Valley.

Begin your rafting adventure on the wildest and most challenging rapids of the Dora Baltea river. Our rafts, complying with all of the international standards of safety, allow us to run a fun and thrilling trip without forgetting the utmost safety.

We’ll break for a light snack by the edge of the Dora Dora Baltea. This will help you prepare for the adventure that will see you in action for 4 hours (2 of which on the bouncing water of the river).

The more experienced groups can ask our crew to design a tailor-made trip (WEEKDAYS ONLY).


70,00 €

An OVERVIEW of the Elite Rafting Experience

Duration on the river

2 hours

Total duration

4 hours


From Pré Saint Didier to Aymavilles. Level of difficulty: medium

What to bring

  • swimwear,
  • fleece or thermal underwear to be worn under the wetsuit;
  • cotton or thermal socks that can get wet;
  • laces for prescription glasses;
  • everything you need to take a shower

Extra Fact:

LO SAPEVI CHE: The colour of the water of the Dora Baltea river changes with the seasons. It goes from light blue and transparent in winter to ochre-yellowish in the summer and grey-bluish at the end of the season.

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