The true flying adventure!


Built on the larch and poplar trees of our centre, this is an experience that everyone can have.

This is a suspended course that will make you sweep across our lake. At a height of 6 metres above the ground, you make your way around the ropes connecting 17 different platforms and featuring a lot of challenging and fun activities like Tibetan bridges, lianas, pulleys and ascenders.

Everything is run in the utmost safety thanks to the climbing harness – provided and checked by our staff -with two safety carabiners (lanyard system used for via ferrata) and a Tyrolean pulley.



Standard Admission

(Adults and children over 11)

12 €

Adult + child

20 €

Adult+ 2 children

30 €

NOTE: Under 11’s MUST be accompanied by an adult.

An adult can accompany no more than 2 children


Strangely enough, children perform better than adults in adventure parks. Just like little squirrels, they are able to complete the course in less time, without forgetting to take the necessary safety measures. We are sorry to have a height limit restriction (110 cm – 3 ft 7’’), but it is necessary to fasten carabiners.

Adventure Park


At Rafting Republic safety is paramount and comes before fun.

We want you to have the safest possible trip with us and our river experts are certified and licensed by the FIRAFT (Italian Federation of Rafting).

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