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We care about safety! We know that only an high safety standard can make your adventure with us really enjoiying.

Safety involves several aspects.

Our river staff is submitted to a high safety river techniques standard. River guides are trained and updated to modern techniques.

River guides get Swiftwater River Technician level 1 license (SRT-1 www.rescue3international.com).

Our boats never raft alone. A rescue kayak or another rescue boat always assure best safety to our guests.

Our river staff is patented by the Hydrospeed Italian Association (www.acquaviva.org), Kayak and Canoe Italian Federation (wwww.federcanoa.it), UIGAM (Canyoning, www.uibv.info) and by the Italian Rafting Federation (www.federrafting.it), which follows the International Rafting Board (www.intraftfed.com) standard.

We provide every guest with a full river technical equipment (diving suit, neoprene rubber boots, sprayway, helmet, life jacket) to assure best comfort and safety.

Our activities aren’t affected by bad weather or rain. Mont Blanc glacier ensures plenty of water from May to September.

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